Meet & Greet The ELC

After fasting and praying one morning I sent this letter to 100 people.  Stay tuned to learn what happens.  I am curious, too.


This is not a typical message, invitation, or hello.  I write to invite you to a Divine Appointment scheduled for this Sunday, June 25 at 4:00 PM with the organizers of the Empowered Living Church, a new life-giving, spirit-filled church coming to Charlotte this fall.

After a year in Charlotte and meeting thousands of people, collecting several hundred business cards, and creating a database with over 1000 people through prayer I sifted through my contacts to identify the “right people” to send this request.  You are one of 100 people to receive this personal invitation because I believe you truly love the Lord, wish to expand his Kingdom, and yearn to do something else special for God’s glory.  Before sending you this message, I fasted and prayed for you.

Please accept my personal invitation and join us for a Meet & Greet featuring a delicious dinner, new and old friends, and childcare.  Click HERE to register for the gathering or cut and paste this link:

Empowered Living Church – Meet & Greet

Hampton Inn & Suites – Arrowood Road

9110 Southern Pine Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28273

(Near HWY 77 and Arrowood Road)

Sunday, June 25; 4:00 – 5:30 PM

*45 minutes conversation and 45 minutes of fellowship

What to expect?  Expect a warm welcome in a casual atmosphere filled with many people you already know and a few people you will enjoy meeting.  We planned a short, fun, and energetic program followed by a questions and answers session.  The afternoon will close with dinner and conversation with your new and old friends.  One should expect to connect with people that love the Lord, are passionate about chasing and finding success, and are entrepreneurial by nature . . . Go Getters!

Who should attend?  Some people will hold memberships at other churches, are disappointed with their current worship experiences, or yearn to make a significant impact for God through a modern, anointed, and Kingdom building focused church.  If you love the Lord Jesus Christ, are a Christian Believer, and enjoy reaching people for Jesus through love, creative initiatives, and desire to fulfill His calling (your purpose) in your life then you should attend.  If these categories do not define you, I suggest coming because . . . we are friends (smile).

What if you cannot attend?  No problem!  Send me an E-mail, text, or call me if you are interested in learning more about the Empowered Living Church, desire to be a part of this mission, or want prayer.  Personally, I want to remain connected with you because you are “good people.”

Connect with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or our website.  Thank you for your kindness, friendship, and being your authentic you.  Feel free to share this special invitation with someone you care about.

In His service,


“We are not the traditional, nor the future . . . we strive to be today’s standard of love, worship, and service.” Pastor Barrett Berry

Barrett Berry, Lead Pastor


(704) 412-4035 office

(574) 339-7836 mobile 



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