Gathering of Friends

We did it again!  In the month of April, we galvanized our new and old friends for an evening of hilarious (fun) singing and a few off-off broadway karaoke superstars.  The Gathering of Friends is a family night where married and dating couples get together with their children to share great food, inspirational conversations, and business ventures.  The business ventures part happened by mere accident.  Well, it was intentional in the fact we invite people who are focused on building exceptional lives for themselves and their families.

Rachel and I are launching a new church in the Berewick Recreation Center in Southwest Charlotte on Sunday, September 17, 2017.  There are three levels of partners in the process of launching a church.  The largest level is your prayer partners.  This group is everyone you come into contact with that agrees to either stay connected by receiving your e-newsletters, donating funds to your mission or simply praying or the success of your church.  The level that will determine the success of your launch in that of your launch or dream team.  The dream team consists of people committed to you and helping to make your dream of launching a spirit-filled, life-giving church a reality.  Members of the dream team may never join your church, but they are committed to your success.  They come along side your vision by helping at and attending events, donating funds on a regular basis to the mission, volunteering with your community service activities, and simply, but profoundly being your friends.  The Gathering of Friends began as a way to cultivate new friendships in Charlotte and is evolving to place to connect with potential dream team members and their families.

The Core Team consists of your leaders.  In March, a few of us attended a leadership workshop for church leaders where we were challenged with hosting weekly meetings with our Core Team.  At the time, we did not have a Core Team, but by faith, we started meeting every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM for dinner and 7:30 PM for an hour planning.  The Empowered Living Church is organized!  Tuesday nights are my oasis!  I leave each session inspired to chase after the dream.

Our next Gathering of Friends is on the fourth Saturday in June.  Tolearn more about the Gathering of Friends and the Empowered Living Church connect with us at www.EmpoweredLiving.Church.


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