Helping others become debt free


The Empowered Living Church of Charlotte launched our first Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course in the Spring of 2016.  The first class had three registered students and me.  Every Saturday morning we arrived at our church office in the Plaza Midwood (pictured below) area with coffee, juice, muffins, and a yearning to become debt free.  Before the fourth class, all of the registered students dropped the course and I completed the course with my two students: my wife and me.

For more information or to register for the next Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class go to

A few months later we started our second round of Financial Peace University classes, but this time we held the classes in Uptown Charlotte and Monday evenings.  The enrollment went from three students to nine, a 300% increase.  Ron and Roni, two financial advisors, led the class for the Empowered Living Church (ELC), two students dropped before the first class, and my wife Rachel and I were the other two of nine students.  The three lady that remained in the class were amazing women with strong desires to gain control of their personal finances, careers, and social lives.  Asahia, one of the students, quickly became one great friend to Rachel and I.  Every time I see her at one of our gatherings I think back to when I almost canceled hosting our first class.  We added a new night featuring the board game Cash Flow.  Chris, one of the partners of Nationwide Evictions and biggest supporters, host the evening.  As a Harvard MBA, former Wall Street banker, and current successful entrepreneur, Chris teaches the “art of financial success” through Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow game.

To register for the next Financial Peace University class go to


We are currently finishing our third class this winter at the Camden Grandview building in Uptown Charlotte.  Our winter class has 23 registered students!  The class comprises a few married couples, young singles, seasoned professionals, and a bunch of new friends.  We begin each night with refreshments and fellowship followed by an opening prayer and an inspirational personal finance lesson by Dave Ramsey.  The spring 2017 class starts Tuesday, March 14!  If you are seeking financial peace, then I cannot think of a better bridge to becoming debt free and on the path to wealth creation.  Register right now!

For more information or to register for the next Financial Peace University class go to



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