52 Weeks until our Grand Opening

This morning I arose to with a little nervous excitement.  We are exactly one year away from the grand opening of the Empowered Living Church in Charlotte.  I leaned over to grab my phone to text my new friend, Pastor Ken Nether of the Crossover Church in the Detroit area, “Have fun today.  Fun!”  Today is Ken’s grand opening of his church.  We have never met in person, nor I have I been to his church, or heard him preach.  We met on Facebook!  My friend, another church planter from Las Vegas, sent me a link to Ken’s Facebook page.  Neither Eugene or Ken know each other and have never met.  Since connecting on Facebook, Ken and I have discussed his journey in planting his church.  From these conversations, text messages, and Facebook encounters I have gone through a class in church planting.  It is amazing to see how God uses people to encourage you when you need it most.  From my interaction with Ken I found my website developer who developed our new website: www.EmpoweredLiving.Church.

After texting Ken, I sent a message to Pastor Dexter Howard of The Restoration Place Church in Charlotte.  He invited Rachel and I to join him at church today as they celebrate their one-year anniversary.   Dexter was one of the first pastors in Charlotte to call me back, take me to lunch, and encourage me to go forward with planting our church in Charlotte.

Today is a Divine Day.  We are blessed to intimately celebrate the launch and birth of a new church in Detroit with Pastor Ken Nether of the Crossover.Church.  In person, we will celebrate the victory of fighting and winning while staying happily married, planting a church, and expanding the kingdom of God with Pastor Dexter Howard of The Restoration Place Church.   Sharing in the launching and establishing of two churches on the same day we are one year away from our own launch is exciting because I am witnessing God’s faithfulness in expanding His Kingdom through sincere Men of God.  Secondly, I have a nervous sensation from the excitement, because I know how much we have to accomplish in a year in preparation for our launch.  And lastly, I am encouraged that God keeps His promises, gives hope, and finishes what He starts with you . . . if you remain faithful . . . and stay the course with Him until your assignment is finished.


Sitting on my porch listening to the birds sing, the boats split the water, and God’s creation awakening (over a man-made lake) I know with all certainty that God will finish what He started in me.  In one year we, the Empowered Living Church of Charlotte, will plant a life-giving, spirit-filled, empowered church.  Connect with us and follow us on our journey to expand God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Visit: www.EmpoweredLiving.Church


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